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Dear Consuments ! 

ARMAPOL since its inception (ie. 1991) engaged in the production destined for the food industry and chemical industry.
We offer a flap valves, ball valves, fittings, filters, tubing installation according to DIN, PN i SMS, which are applied in breweries, spirits factories, dairies, fruit and vegetable processing plants and factories water, drinks and juices.

Our products are manufactured from steel grade 0H18N9 (1,4301 wg DIN) lub 00H17N14M2 (1.4404 wg DIN)

We also produce valves according to other standards upon request.

Produced by our fittings has been approved for use by the National Institute of Hygiene, without any objections in terms of the quality of care.

Machining is done on numerically controlled machine tools, which ensures high precision made components and the high surface quality.